Monday Moodboard #mondaymotivation – House plants

Monday Moodboard Houseplants

What better way to brighten up this dull Monday than with a plethora of house plants for this week’s moodboard?

Last week I noticed that the first 17 pictures (I know I counted them) from the people I follow on instagram were of house plants. These images particularly showed off the gorgeous greenery against cream, light grey or blush pink walls. Why not? Lush green leaves are a thing of beauty both indoors and out so I’m all for the botanical house plant trend and for bringing nature’s beauty into every aspect of our lives – even our bathrooms.

I’m even cultivating some monstera plants of my own with varying degrees of success; here’s my efforts so far…

Monstera plant (c) ellajohnston

Monstera plant to form I’m turning this current obsession into illustration too with Monstera watercolours on a blush pink background  selling as prints on Not On The High Street, Etsy and Folksy.
Leaf print Ella Johnston Not On The High StreetMonstera Leaf Print Folksy Ella Johnston

Monsterea leaf print Ella Johnston

Patterns of India: A Colouring Book

Patterns of India few day ago I was sent Patterns of India: A Colouring Book  by Henry Wilson and it is just gorgeous.

A couple of weeks ago I was talking about the importance of mindfulness and taking some time out. On those days the physical excursion of yoga or pilates is a bit much,  this beautiful tome is ideal when you want to give yourself a break and unwind.

Patterns of India of India

Packed with intricate patterns and decorative motifs, this paperback is a feast for the eyes. It features a lovely collection of photographs of India to give the designs some context. The book includes information on the history and culture of Indian patterns, so it’s a great resource.
Patterns of India patterns have fascinated me since my youth and these beautiful composition are already providing me with plenty of inspiration for my own illustration practice.
Patterns of India I tell you what though, I do know someone who will love this book more than me – my mum! She loves a bit of colour therapy but more than that she has been having a mini love affair with Indian textiles and ceramics all her life. The combination of colouring in, historical context and gorgeous photography will really appeal to her and perhaps get me into the good books!
Patterns of India

The book is published by Thames and Hudson and you can get it here.

Home hack: Lovely everlasting botanical display

Eucalyptus (c) Ella Johnston

An everlasting display is a lovely thing plus a cheap and easy home hack to boot.

Thistle (c) Ella JohnstonRegular visitors to Ella’s place know how much I love creating floral displays – they are a lovely way to give the place a refresh without costing you a fortune. Plus I think it’s important to bring elements of nature into your home.

Eucalyptus and thistles are great to buy fresh and then let them dry in the house. The make a lovely permanent arrangement as they fade into silvery tones and provide a lovely structured display.Poppy heads (c) Ella Johnston summer I also gathered spent allium and poppy heads from the garden to decorate our spaces. Again, the faded hues and structured shape look really effective all year round.

Doglamp and seed heads Ella Johnston

Spring finds from The Contemporary Home

Naturally Beautiful Range of Products from £4.00
Naturally Beautiful Range of Products from £4.00

This is my first of four monthly posts for The Contemporary Home. When I worked on magazines, me and the team were for ever trying to get TCH products into our shoots as they always hit the spot in terms of trends and the photography is just delightful as you can see.

I thought I’d kick these posts off with my favourite buys for spring.

Jade Vase, £33
Jade Vase, £33

As regular readers of this blog will know I am very fond of displaying fresh flowers; some as big arrangements, others in little posies. So the jade vase above and set of clear glass receptacles are ideal for me. That jade colour is a lovely neutral, one I can see on my dining room in fact (hmmm). I’m also a big fan of those little bud containers in the very top image – they look so lovely when grouped together.

Set of Three Tall Clear Vases, £12
Set of Three Tall Clear Vases, £12

Dear friends of Ella’s Place will also be aware of my obsession with natural forms and a cheeky tea light. This artichoke tea light holder combines both – isn’t it cute? And it ties in with the Pantone Colour of the Year Greenery.

Artichoke Ceramic Tea Light Holder
Artichoke Ceramic Tea Light Holder

Now I don’t normally decorate the place for Easter but I couldn’t resist highlighting the image below. This daisy garland is really pretty and would make an adorable centre piece for a stylish egg-themed party.

Daisy Garland, £25
Daisy Garland, £25

Visit The Contemporary Home Website for more seasonal home ideas.

Give a new build character

We live in a new build house (well it’s 10 years old – we’ve been there five). While we love the lack of building work and fighting with fittings, one of the biggest challenges of living in a new build home is to give the place some character and life.

We didn’t want to add architectural features that aren’t there – we wouldn’t feel comfortable about that – but there are simple ways to make the place look more established. The easiest place to start is with the floor and the walls.

We got rid of our standard issue new-build magnolia and gave our walls a classic clean, white and grey paint job. In the lounge we got rid of our fake fireplace and laid an oak floor stained black in our new build town-house and overlaid it with a traditional Persian rug.

Persan rug and dark floor Ella Johnston

You can give your bathrooms and kitchens a similar treatment. These blue Vecchio Floreale tiles are perfect for giving a modern home a vintage touch.

Walls and Floors have just launched their Vecchio Floreale Indigo Tiles. These durable ceramic tiles are suitable for use on both wall and floor spaces. They have a vintage pattern in blue and white tones, with an aged design, which is ideal for injecting personality into a bathroom, kitchen, hallway or living area. These tiles can be used to create a statement floor or feature wall.

The tiles measure 330 x 330 x 9.5mm and have a nice matt finish. They cost £29.95 per square metre. You can get hold of these and more vintage-style designs at the Walls and Floors website.

Daffodils! Hello Spring!

daffodils (c) Ella Johnston

This time of year is so precious. Spring is coming and cheap posies of daffodils are in the shops. When these blooms are in abundance I buy two bunches every week for an instant hit of natural colour in my home. Unless I cut something from my garden, my floral displays are never usually that cheap.

By the way, the vase was given to me by my mum and dad who found these vintage Horlicks jars at an antique auction. It’s one of my favourite vases for displaying blooms.

Antelope in a leotard!

Vintage shop update Ella Johnston Yeah, here’s an antelope in a leotard. What of it?

I picked up this wooden antelope ages ago for 50p and, while I love it, this guy was looking a bit tatty and old. Then I saw a great craft project idea from Handsome Vintage who upcycles retro wooden creatures and pimps them up to make them ‘hipster’. Handsome Vintage has a wonderful collection of hand-painted pieces with intricate patterns and bright colours – it’s such a bright and original revamp idea so I thought I’d give it a go with my little guy.
Vintage shop update Ella Johnston I sanded old Andy the Antelope down (there’s another Ella’s Menagerie back story post due soon – Andy has an amazing tale to tell) and gave him a paint with bright yellow acrylic paint. Then I used a white posca pen to give the leotard a 1980s-inspired pattern. I gave him a spray of varnish too so his ‘tard stays in place.
Vintage shop update Ella Johnston Unlike Handsome Vintage, I have no intention of selling Andy. He has now become a firm favourite in our house, beloved particularly by Dr B of all people.Vintage shop update Ella Johnston I’m now obviously on the hunt for other charity shop animals (wooden or ceramic) that I can give similar treatments to. And, once she’s back from maternity leave, may purchase some brothers and sisters from HV.

Monday Moodboard: Soft Shades

Monday Moodboard Soft shades

I’m loving this week’s moodboard of sweet, soft shades but you’re probably wondering how I got to it.

I’m on product development mode at the moment and consequently my desk is full of colour swatches, trend reports and tear sheets. Loads of the latter are from last year, which featured these particular shades a lot. I still adore the combinations of greens, blues, creams and pinks – I’m interested to see what new soft shade combinations will be in vogue for spring and summer this year.

Home Inspiration: Nina Kullberg

Nina Kullberg

Although my own work is detailed and intricate using fairly muted shades, I’m actually a very big fan of strong graphic pattern and bold colours in my home, especially in my soft furnishings. So when I saw that Nina Kullberg was launching a new set of cushions I had to take a closer look.

I’ve been fond of Nina Kullberg’s work for a while – I’m a little obsessed with her instagram account truth be told. The simplicity of her pattern and her vibrant palette in her cushion collection is just lovely. And, she’s not scared of a muted tone either, just check out her exquisite throws in beige and grey.

Anyway as all good designers know, it’s vital to respond to trends so the designer has embraced the Pantone Colour of the Year 2017 Greenery in her new collection of cushions. I think these are perfect for spring and summer and would look lovely in a crisp white bedroom or sunny conservatory.

Take a look at Kullberg’s website for more.

Nina Kullberg Palm Springs in Alfalfa £67
Nina Kullberg Palm Springs in Alfalfa £67
Nina Kullberg Athens in English Ivy Green £67
Nina Kullberg Athens in English Ivy Green £67
Nina Kullberg London in Hemlock Green
Nina Kullberg London in Hemlock Green
Nina Kullberg London in Alfalfa
Nina Kullberg London in Alfalfa
Nina Kullberg Paris English Ivy Green
Nina Kullberg Paris English Ivy Green