Monday Moodboard #mondaymotivation – House plants

Monday Moodboard Houseplants

What better way to brighten up this dull Monday than with a plethora of house plants for this week’s moodboard?

Last week I noticed that the first 17 pictures (I know I counted them) from the people I follow on instagram were of house plants. These images particularly showed off the gorgeous greenery against cream, light grey or blush pink walls. Why not? Lush green leaves are a thing of beauty both indoors and out so I’m all for the botanical house plant trend and for bringing nature’s beauty into every aspect of our lives – even our bathrooms.

I’m even cultivating some monstera plants of my own with varying degrees of success; here’s my efforts so far…

Monstera plant (c) ellajohnston

Monstera plant to form I’m turning this current obsession into illustration too with Monstera watercolours on a blush pink background  selling as prints on Not On The High Street, Etsy and Folksy.
Leaf print Ella Johnston Not On The High StreetMonstera Leaf Print Folksy Ella Johnston

Monsterea leaf print Ella Johnston

Drawing of the week: Leaves

Leaves watercolour illustration Ella Johnston
Leaves are my go-to shape for doodling and have been a constant subject for my drawing over the years. The variety, the curves, the veins, the lush texture all provide a rich resource for artists and illustrators.
Leaves illustration Ella Johnston

I recently visited the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge. Among the various planting schemes and a lovely gaggle of ducks (I know that’s the collective noun for geese but you didn’t see these guys), the gardens also boasts an impressive glasshouse where plants from around the world are nurtured and displayed. The rainforest area is fabulous and I was struck by its enormous leaves that cover such large areas.

Leaves watercolour illustration Ella Johnston
The nearest things we get to this is our household plants. So I thought I’d get busy with some  watercolour illustrations and black and white sketches of Monstera, Aralia, Alocacia and Cycad.
Leaves illustration Ella Johnston Leaves illustration Ella JohnstonLeaves watercolour illustration Ella Johnston
Leaves illustration Ella Johnston Leaves illustration Ella Johnston