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Friday fun: Bedside shelfies

Bedroom looks Ella Johnston I’m enjoyed posting my dining room shelfies a few weeks ago, so much I thought I’d show you my bedside shelfies this Friday. Bedroom looks Ella Johnston This blue number is my spare room, I like to create a cool soothing tone with these calming colour combinations.
Bedroom looks Ella Johnston bedside cabinet was from Ikea and, as it was looking a bit shabby, I covered the top and the middle shelf with a panel of marble-effect sticky back plastic.
Bedroom looks Ella Johnston, what’s on it? The bottom shelf houses my collection of Print and Pattern books and is weighted down with a marble lidded vase. Bedroom looks Ella Johnston On the top I have a tea-light lantern made with from a Dannells kit and some self-dyed Shibori fabric. I also have another of my oversized lamps created with another Dannells kit and my Blue Leaves fabric. The print is from the marvellous Sally Elford, one of my favourite artists. The books are The Migrant Waders, published by Dunlin Press and Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees by Roger Deakin. On top of the books lies a little jewellery bowl I made myself from air-dry clay.
Bedroom looks Ella Johnston room has a simple arrangement, mainly because I take advantage of the big deep drawers I have in the bedside cabinet that hid a multitude of slovenly sins (all my make-up, painkillers and random jewellery live here).
Bedroom looks Ella Johnston snazzy orange light is from Habitat and was just £20. The books were from our local second hand book shop, I’m a bit of an insomniac and like a little bedside read.
Bedroom looks Ella Johnston larger vase was a wedding present from Heals. I can’t remember where the other vase was from. The paper rose was made for our one-year wedding anniversary so it’s 13 years old now and faring pretty well.
Bedroom looks Ella Johnston