“Birdwatching”, ink and gouache on rag paper


  • Title: Birdwatching
  • Hand-painted, original artwork
  • Coloured ink and gouache on Khadi rag paper
  • Portrait
  • Signed and dated
  • 10  x 15 cm


A small, abstract art work, “Birdwatching” is a meditation on the things that give me joy.

I wanted to paint how I feel when I’m out in nature, immersed in the lives of birds I encounter. The pleasure I experience  watching them flit from branch to branch, seeing them snaffle around in the estuarine mud for food, stealthily eye their prey or simply glide as they fly was so all-encompassing I could not paint a  figurative piece, rather I had to try and capture a feeling.

I worked with ink and gouache on Khadi rag paper using Japanese calligraphy brushes, I wanted to use warm yet soft colours to convey this mood  in the abstract painting. My brush strokes were determined and deliberate but hopefully they maintain a lightness of touch.

This original small artwork is part of my joy and happiness series and is inspired by Japanese sumi-e painting techniques. This series is a group of original small abstract paintings that are meditations on the gift of being alive.

“Birdwatching” is an A6 artwork and the Khadi rag paper absorbs the ink and gouache paint beautifully. It is signed and dated.


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