Construction III, dreams of urban life, hand-painted postcards


  • Title: Construction I, dreams of urban life, hand-painted postcard
  • Hand-painted, original artwork
  • Coloured ink on Khadi rag paper
  • Portrait
  • Signed and dated


My Construction III, dreams of urban life abstract art work was made using tin-can pens and Japanese calligraphy brushes on Khadi rag paper.

These hand-painted “Constructivist postcards”, are memory postcards made with affection. They are inspired by my love of brutalist architecture and modernist art and design.

My impulse to create the “Construction, dreams of urban life” painted postcards series was sparked by the thoughtful gift of vintage inks from a dear friend. I thought the colours were so deep and beautiful and quite unlike contemporary ink shades. I had to make modernist inspired art with these unique aged shades.

I wanted to make art that referenced  the age of these inks. So I made these abstract artwork pieces about something I’ve missed in lock-down – the city. I am a Londoner after-all. So I wanted to celebrate the modernist housing estate where I used to live, that were created for the original key workers after the Second World War.


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