“I dream of holidays” ink on card, original art work


  • Title: I dream of holidays
  • Hand-painted, original artwork
  • Coloured ink on textured, Hahnemuhle card
  • Portrait
  • Signed and dated
  • 10  x 15 cm


My “I dream of holidays” artwork is a meditation on the importance of love, contemplation and joy.

This ink on card hand-painted piece is inspired by joyful memories. I try to have a specific memory in mind when I make these colourful abstract landscapes. Each work is a meditation for me and a communication of the thoughts and feelings they evoke. This piece was about the colours of a sunny day in Marbella and the sensation of sun on my skin.

My Remembered Landscape series is a new collection of colour ink works exploring place, trips and reflections on past experiences. I normally make postcard-sized pieces as part of my preparation for larger pieces. However I made this particular series specifically for this small format. I thought about postcards as ways of sending messages, telling stories and conveying feelings to people you care about and I kind of run-away with this as a theme.

The abstract art pieces are portrait in format as that seems to be the way we all capture and communicate our memories now, through the portrait portals of our mobile phones.

Each ink artwork involves a light, sensitive touch when building the layers of colour. I use feathers and Japanese calligraphy brushes to apply the ink. This colourful artwork is created on textured Hahnemuhle card.

Each artwork is signed and dated with notes from the artist on the back.


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