“Memories of Vence” hand-painted postcard


  • Title: Memories of Vence
  • Hand-painted, original artwork
  • Coloured ink on textured, Hahnemuhle card
  • Portrait
  • Signed and dated
  • 10  x 15 cm


This “Memories of Vence” hand-painted postcard is a very special artwork for me.

Last year, I was preparing to have major surgery. Before everything “kicked off” we went on holiday to Vence. For a little while we weren’t sure if I was going to be well enough to go, but luckily I was and we did.

We enjoyed a week of sunshine, colour and inspiration. Not only is Vence a simply charming place with beautiful scenery, but it is also home to the Chapelle du Rosaire  decorated by Henri Matisse, and an exquisite mosaic by Marc Chagall. Essentially our time in Vence was just what we needed to fortify us for a tough road ahead.

So this colourful abstract art landscape is a homage and a symbol of gratitude for those times. The period had such a profound effect on me I’ve made many artworks both large and small dedicated to my seven days in Vence. Like some of my other postcard-sized art pieces, I made this particular ink piece specifically for this small format.

The hand-painted postcards are portrait in format as that seems to be the way we all capture and communicate our memories now; through the portrait portals of our mobile phones.

Inspired by Japanese sumi-e painting and abstract expressionism, each ink artwork involves a light, sensitive touch when building the layers of colour. I use feathers and Japanese calligraphy brushes to apply the ink. This abstract landscape is created in ink on textured Hahnemuhle card.

Each artwork is signed and dated with notes from the artist on the back.


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