Summer Happiness, ink and gouache on Khadi rag paper


  • Title: Summer Happiness
  • Hand-painted, original artwork
  • Coloured ink and gouache on Khadi rag paper
  • Portrait
  • Signed and dated
  • 10  x 15 cm


“Summer Happiness”, is a small abstract piece using soft, bleached shades that I associate with the season.

This original small artwork is part of my joy and happiness series. This series is a group of original abstract paintings that are meditations on the gift of being alive. This particular painting was based on a memory of a really special, beautiful day.

I created this playful artwork with ink and gouache on Khadi rag paper using Japanese calligraphy brushes. I love the shapes and marks these brushes make and I have really enjoyed exploring the creative possibilities with the pens. I wish to convey this sense of playfulness in every piece.

It’s my wish for every artwork in this series to be spontaneous, harmonious and joyful.

“Summer Happiness” is A6 in size and the Khadi rag paper absorbs the ink and gouache paint beautifully. It is signed and dated.


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