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Drawing of the week: Badger

Badger Illustration Ella Johnston

This week I’ve drawn a badger.

I’ve been experimenting with woodland creature drawings with watercolour and ink over the past couple of months and I must admit I’ve had so much fun illustrating this charming animals.

Badger print from Not On The High Street

Actually I’m quite drawn to my woodland folk so I’ve made some of the drawings into prints. My hare, badger and fox prints are now available on my Not On The High Street shop.
Fox print Ella Johnston

Hare print Not On The High Street

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Drawing of the week: A FOX!

Fox portrait drawing by Ella Johnston
I promised you a fox for drawing of the week last time so a drawing of a fox you shall have.

I drew this guy while at my parents-in-law’s place in Cumbria so I think he’s got a bit of a country air about him. My fox in this illustration is  full and luscious of fur and features and his coat is remarkably vivid and splendid (I went a bit crazy on the watercolour). He is quite unlike the real skinny, scratty city foxes we used to see when coming home from a night out in London. I think this one dines off farmyard chickens and wild rabbit where as our ones would forage in dustbins and market places looking for scraps.


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Drawing of the week: Fox Terrier

Fox Terrier
My drawing of the week is of a dog – a lovely fox terrier.

I drew this by accident. I was actually going to draw a fox (and I will next week) but I came across this breed of dog while image researching and remembered how much I like them. So I thought I may as well draw this little fella.

A little bit about a fox terrier…
Wire fox terriers (as seen here in my watercolour and ink illustration) are known for their energy and intelligence. They have a low boredom threshold (like me and Dr B)  and require stimulation, exercise (I should do more of that) and attention (we all need that).  They are bred to be independent thinkers (I really like that).

Now, all that remains is for me to try and persuade Dr B that we need one as a pet in our lives.