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7 lovely things for the weekend

It’s been a busy week here at Ella’s Place – I’ve been sending my Christmas stationery sets to the printers (more of that in good time) and drawing and painting for an upcoming book project (more of that later, too) as well as editing magazines. In the thick of it it’s lovely when little things fall in front of you that inspire you, take you to a different place or simply make you smile. Here are seven things that did just that this week.

Heleniums – 7 lovely things for the weekend at B took this photo of the little clump of heleniums and blue agastache growing in our garden. Such colours!
Lorien Stern via – 7 lovely things for the weekend at really like the playfulness of Lorien Stern’s ceramics. You can see more of them at
Hello House via Design Milk – 7 lovely things for the weekend at fun! The Hello House is a new facade on a Victorian house in Melbourne, Australia. It certainly beats a doormat saying ‘welcome’. See more at Design Milk.
Mlle Hipolyte paper jungle wall deco vis Fubiz – 7 lovely things for the weekend at Hipolyte’s paper fresco in relief called Tropical Jungle is amazing. It features exotic birds and a black panther – and it’s really on trend for the coming year. See more at
Tori Murphy cushions – 7 lovely things for the weekend at Murphy‘s homewares, all woven and made in Nottingham, are lovely – but I particularly like this shot of cushions all piled in a corner. It’s got more impact than seeing one cushion on a chair – and of course it makes you want to dive right in.
O is for Owl LO RESThis folky little owl is actually a musical instrument. He seems to have found his way into the middle of this wooden O. O for owl.
Vietnamese thatched hideaway via Dezeen – 7 lovely things for the weekend at’s been such a busy week I’ve been dreaming of escapes – this thatched and bamboo hideaway in Vietnam looks just the thing. Via Dezeen. Have a great weekend!