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How I made a baby blanket from a crochet granny square

How I made a baby blanket from a crochet granny square

A granny square was the first thing I learned to crochet. This was about three years ago. I won’t lie – I did find it a little tricky to get my head around them initially, but now I can do them in my sleep. Well, perhaps not in my sleep but I can make them while watching telly, on the train and while my family are all arguing about the relative merits of George Orwell and Charles Dickens (I kid you not – getting into some crochet was a good way to duck out of the ‘action’).

Crochet CThe thing I love about granny squares is that their easy pattern means that once you get into the rhythm of making one you can make a collection of little ones, joining them up to make a patch-style throw or crocheting one large square to create a blanket. Plus, their classic, regular design allows you to be really creative with your colour combinations and yarn textures. Crochet A

I made this baby blanket for a very special little person and two lovely big people. My dear friend Ruth Crilly aka A Model Recommends has just had the most adorable little baby girl and I am delighted for Ruth and Mr AMR. Crochet 10

For this blanket I used Debbie Bliss cotton DK in Ecru (cream) and Butter (yellow) for main parts of the cover. I like to play with texture so I also added a grey and orange accent by crocheting a strip of Debbie Bliss Eco Baby in Silver and Burnt Orange. You can get these yarns at Love Crochet.  Crochet 8

To make a big blanket I simply crochet a basic granny square and keep on going, working my trebles and chains into the spaces and around the corners.

Crochet 3

If you’re new to crochet and unsure about the stitches and the classic granny square design, I suggest you follow a video step by step (I find them a big help when trying something new), visit Top Crochet Patterns – not only is there a granny how-to but it also talks you through basic stitches. The site has lots of additional free crochet patterns –ready for when your talent and crochet confidence grows.

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