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Ella Johnston Artist photography Nathan Jones
Me, Ella Johnston. Photography Nathan Jones

I’m Ella Johnston, an artist, erstwhile editor and creative content consultant.
Ella Johnston equipment


I have been an exhibiting artist for more than 20 years. My practice is an ongoing exploration of mark-making processes and the meaning, or non-meaning, ascribed to them.

Ella Johnston, artist. Photography Nathan Jones
Ella Johnston, artist. Photography Nathan Jones

In recent years my work has shifted from a fascination with nature to concepts of spontaneity, memory, colour and shape.

Ella Johnston artist, photography Nathan Jones
Ella Johnston artist, photography Nathan Jones

Inspired by abstract expressionism, modernist and minimalist art of the 20th Century, my current ink pieces, lino cuts and asemic poetry explore our encounters with writing, music and the built environment.

Ella Johnston artist, photography Nathan Jones
Photography Nathan Jones

I approach each work as a palimpsest as I paint, draw, scrape and wash layers of inks, colour, and metallic elements over my paper or canvas, creating multilayered assemblages of line, palette and form.

Ella Johnston Honesty ink sketch


I am also co-founder, creative director and designer for Wivenhoe-based publisher Dunlin Press and art and creative consultant for Mitsubishi Pencil Company.

I am an occasional illustrator for St Martin’s Press, New York, and am regularly commissioned as a feature and cover artist for a variety of print magazines and journals. I trained in art at Chelsea College of Art and in history of art at the University of Essex.


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