Creative workshops

In addition to my art practice I also conduct a number of professional and amateur workshops and training sessions.

My professional courses draw on my 20-plus years experience in content marketing; providing visual and editorial content for top retail brands and magazines. In these sessions I share the insights I’ve developed working on creative content for well-known UK brands as well as the skills gained developing my own online business.

I currently run two professional sessions. These workshops (and tailored one-to-one creative mentoring) are designed to help fledging creative businesses develop their brand and hone their content across a range of channels.

Presenting your brand: photography basics

This aims to enable start-up businesses to show off their talents in the best possible light to help make a creative business flourish. We look at product and lifestyle photography and brand identity. This introductory how-to covers the basics of product photography, presenting your brand online, a brief dos and don’ts guide and some handy pro tips on how to market a creative business in a professional and authentic manner. 

Being seen: Copywriting and SEO
This is a start-up guide to getting products noticed and brand name out there by mastering some key copywriting skills. We explore how to use words as a weapons to get the right people to find products and to engage with the brand. This session covers copywriting, writing with the customer in mind and SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation).
Craft sessions, team briefing and drawing workshops

I also run customer and retailer workshops as well as sales and marketing staff training sessions on behalf of uni-ball. Plus I regularly conduct a series of in-store demos and trade shows showcasing drawing techniques, creative ideas and product USPs, as well as appearing on Create and Craft TV.  I am comfortable with large groups, small teams and one to one sessions.

I also provide a range of illustration, ink, pencil, watercolour and ink drawing classes and workshops at Elm Farm Studio in Little Tey.  I also provide video tutorials.  Here I talk my students through every aspect of creating the illustration, going on the ‘journey’ with them. I’ve designed both my group and video workshops for people to gain confidence in their mark-making and drawing skills.

All my workshops are friendly and informal, however you will leave them having learnt something. I want everyone to walk away with something they feel proud of or some knowledge they can start using from the get-go.

I’m very happy to work with people on developing illustration, creative start-up workshops at their studios or shops.