Delightful homewares: Japanese ceramics

Japanese ceramics (c) Ella Johnston

I couldn’t resist posting this still life of my Japanese ceramics . My sister took a trip to Tokyo last year and returned with these delightful homewares as some beautiful Christmas gifts.

I love the simple shapes of these bowls and bottle. I also love the muted colours and glazes of the wonderfully crafted ceramics. Expect to see these pop up in many of my shoots as props.  I love them.

Colourful little bowls for small plates

Little bowls for tapas. ©Ella Johnston.

Sunny summer weather, the weekend… I think it might be time for some tapas. Winter might make you hungry for a big dish of something slow-cooked in one pot, but at this time of year small plates and sharing food are some of my favourite things. Colourful little bowls are the perfect way to present tapas and antipasti and just looking at them makes me feel the sunshine of a warm evening. A few of mine, pictured above, are ready and waiting for a leisurely Saturday. Fingers crossed the good weather stays.
Heleniums from our garden. ©Ella Johnston.