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DIY: Ornate cases

Ornate cases I’m not gonna lie, these ornate cases took ages to create but they are quite a cool DIY. I have had a brief from the guys at Uni-Ball to create a selection of products updated with the company’s pens. I wanted to make a number of items at various sizes and using the wide range of pens they had on offer.
Ornate cases also wanted an excuse to play with an ornate pattern idea I’ve had for a while. Because Uni-Ball’s Posca pens have a wide range of colours and shades I thought they would perfectly lend themselves to a pattern that utilised various shades of the same hue.
Ornate cases have looked through loads of tile designs to come up with the ones I have worked out here.
Ornate cases cases were plain brown mdf boxes. I traced on my design before filling in the light colours then layering with darker shades.
Ornate cases
Ornate cases
Ornate cases

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