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Drawing of the week: Zebra


This time for my drawing of the week I’ve done a very earnest little Zebra. Even in the middle of doing loads of Christmassy type stuff I still made time to work on my zoo animals series.

Although I love black and white drawings I can never resist subverting a traditional black and white subject with a bit of colour, so as well as using my black pens on this illustration I’ve adding some purple and yellow watercolour notes.

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Drawing of the week: Elephant

Elephant Illustration by Ella JohnstonThis week’s drawing of the week is of an elephant.

There are no trends, no ‘work’ here (even though I have been talking about drawing zoo animals). I made this picture for my husband.

It was our 14 ‘ivory’ wedding anniversary. We’re not buying each other ivory because that’s wrong, so we needed an alternative. We (completely independently)  used our imaginations with this watercolour and ink illustration and Dr B wrote me a poem entitled ‘Elephant’.  We think they are our best pressies to each other in all our marriage.